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Fever Audio tools are experts in Audio entertainment and production of voice based content for mobile VAS services.


From the music manager's desk

Fever's verdict of a song to be a sure shot superhit. The next big hit in the bollywood industry.

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Fever curates, aggregates and creates audio and multi-screen videos under FAT productions. FAT is also known for pioneering the concept of radio dramas in the Industry and has repackaged great epics like Ramayana, Gandhi, Bose and Bal Gopal for today’s youth. The station has also offered industry’s first situational comedy radio series, ‘Friends in a Metro’, horror series, ‘Kya Who Sach Tha’ and the recently launched radio drama based on crime, ‘Case 104’. Bollywood, sports, music and reality on radio are the key pillars for the brand.

FAT has brought a Revolutionary concept to India by coming up with a tool called the “Instore radio”. Instore radio is an audio feed which plays music inside a store. It creates a great ambience and also helps convey useful information to shoppers. The music that plays on the instore radio is mood mapped according to the customer mindset at different times of the day FAT helps create a fully customized radio station for each store. It comprises of music, retail chain branding, offers, promos and third party advertisements also at times.

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Digital Entertainment business unit distributes in-house creative and niche celeb based content to mobile and digital users. In process, we have become a preferred partner for all Indian telecoms for their audio based Value added services. With increasing mobile internet penetration and digital growth, FAT has also set up a production infrastructure for developing video series under entertainment and other genres.

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